Home Basics Bread Box for Kitchen Counter Dry Food Storage Container



Bread Bin, Store Bread Loaf, Dinner Rolls, Pastries, Baked Goods & More, Home Kitchen Decor (SOHO BLACK) – Home Basics Brand

Price: $17.50
MOQ: 300
Available: 300
BSR: 33,000
ROI: 31%

Monthly Sales: 818+

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  • KEEPS BREAD FRESH AND FLAVORFUL: The lid rests securely over the box, Ventilation holes let air flow freely to prevent air from entering in, while also sealing in just the right amount of moisture to keep bread fresh.
  • CLEARS THE COUNTER CLUTTER: Laying out those bread rolls and loaves gives off a messy look. This bin tucks away your favorite foods neatly away.
  • EASY ACCESS TO YOUR FAVORITE SNACKS & TREATS: The lid features premium quality hinges that allow it to smoothly swing up for easy access to what is inside the bread box.
  • DESIGNED TO LOVE AND LAST: The heavy duty metal design is geared to withstand the wear and tear of every day use in the kitchen. Because of its durable steel construction, it won’t chip or dent easily even if accidentally dropped.
  • Measures 16.7″ x 9.5″ x 6.5″

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