Cahomo Large Leather Repair Patch



23.6×118 inch (1 Roll) Leather Repair Tape Self-Adhesive Patches Kit for Couches Car Seats Furniture Sofa Vinyl Chairs Jackets Shoes Bags Black – Cahomo Brand

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The leather from Cahomo is a self-adhesive film with its strong adhesion
Leather products will gradually damage, aging, decline, etc. in daily use.Please choose cahomo’s self-adhesive leather repair tape, which can fix leather-look items’s holes, scratch, rips, burns.Our Repair Tape can be used on leather and vinyl couches, sofas, chair, car seat, bags, purse , boots, jacket, belts , luggage, boots, auto seats, , gloves, motorcycle seats, recliner, handbag,truck seat, ottoman, and furniture.Not only reduce repair cost,but also refurbish the furniture,let you have a different experience

  • Size:40 x 300cm/60 x 300cm/10 x 160cm/40 x 160cm/60 x 150cm (width x length)
  • Thickness: approx 0.90 mm
  • Product color: Black / Beige / Gray / Green / Dark Blue / Brown/ Coffee / Light Beige / White/ Dark Gray/Light Brown
  • Material: PU leather + elastic cloth
  • Self-adhesive DIY stickers: can be shortened as required and simply stuck on the spot
  • Made of good quality PU leather, strong and durable that works on leather, suede, and more leather based material
  • It comes with super strong adhesion that can be easy to past and also removed without leaving any ugly sticky residue
  • You need to verify that the leather repair kit you choose can match the color of the original material, or at least be within a range of acceptable difference
  • It can be used for virtually every type of leather damage, from cuts, rips, and burns to scratches, discoloration, and stains.
  • Suitable for repairing leather furniture, automotive upholstery, clothing, accessories, luggage, and more.

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