Portable Mini Washing Machine



Small Washer for RV,Travel,Dorm,Apartment; Portable washer with Upgraded Capacity(9L) and Round Body for Underwear,Baby Clothes,Pet Garments or Other Small Items.Green – jetolo Brand

Price: $16.50
MOQ: 190
Available: 190
BSR: 134
ROI: 32%

Monthly Sales: 38+

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  • 【Promote Healthier Living】—Separate Cleaning: Experience healthier living with our portable mini washing machine that allows you to wash your underwear, baby clothes, and pet garments separately. Say goodbye to cross-contamination and ensure cleaner and healthier clothes for you and your loved ones.
  • 【Compact and Portable】—Foldable Design: Our HiDream mini washing machine boasts a compact and foldable design, making it perfect for any living space. Whether at home or on the go during travel and camping, you can easily carry and use it conveniently.
  • 【Simple Operation】—One-Touch Control: Our mini washing machine features a user-friendly control panel with a single button. Simply press and hold for 2 seconds to power on/off. Press briefly to switch between a 5-minute or 10-minute wash cycle or a 1-minute spin-dry cycle (when using the spin basket). Effortlessly handle your laundry by adding clothes, water, and detergent, leaving the rest to the mini washing machine.
  • 【Versatile for Various Small Items】—Multi-Purpose: Experience versatility with our mini washing machine. It’s not only perfect for washing underwear, baby clothes, and pet garments but also for cleaning small toys, towels, and other small fabric products. It can even serve as a toy to encourage your child’s independence and work ethic.
  • 【Eco-friendly and Practicality】—Powerful and Efficient: Our mini washing machine is equipped with a robust motor and an increased capacity of 9L, ensuring thorough cleaning of a larger load of small garments at once. Compared to traditional washing machines, it’s more eco-friendly and energy-efficient, saving both electricity and water resources.

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