Instant Pot Accu Slim Sous Vide 800W Precision Cooker



Immersion Circulator,Ultra-Quiet Fast-Heating with Big Touchscreen Accurate Temperature and Time Control,Waterproof – Instant Pot Brand

Price: $55
MOQ: 300
Available: 600
BSR: 22,000
ROI: 33%

Monthly sales: 1,201+

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  • CREATE RESTAURANT-QUALITY DISHES: Precision-controlled sous vide immersion cooking delivers perfect results every time
  • EVEN COOKING: Circulates heated water uniformly, with no hot or cold spots
  • EASY TO READ: The tilted LED display and digital touchscreen with color-coded status indicator is easy to read from across the room
  • QUICK CLAMP: Easily clamp the Accu Slim Sous to a cooking vessel with one hand
  • PEACE OF MIND: Entire unit is waterproof to prevent damage in case of accidental immersion
  • FAST HEATING: Powerful heating element quickly brings water to the desired target temperature
  • EASY TO HANDLE: Made from lightweight stainless steel with a non-slip rubber-coated handle

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