Hot Wheels iD 70 Ford Escort RS1600



Hot Wheels Brand

Price: $5.5
MOQ: 510
Available: 510
BSR: 1
ROI: 36%

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  • Hot Wheels id takes vehicle play to a new level of pulse-pounding excitement, offering a first-of-its kind mixed-play experience.
  • Track speed and count laps with your classic Hot Wheels track and the Hot Wheels Race Portal. With every milestone conquered, kids’ racing prowess is boosted.
  • Build a virtual garage of outrageous vehicles -like this ’70 Ford Escort RS1600-to race, jump, crash and compete. Unlock performance boosts, races and rad rewards.
  • Race cars in insane digital races, unlock rewards and level up with the free mobile app. NFC-enabled device or Hot Wheels Race Portal (sold separately) required to scan in cars.
  • Take it to the next level and use with the Hot Wheels id Smart Track (sold separately).

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