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Ionic Magnesium Drops for Adults, Men & Women, Supports Muscle Relaxation, Bioavailable, No Additives or Preservatives – Magnesium Chloride, 2 oz – Eidon Iconic Minerals Brand

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  • IONIC MAGNESIUM LIQUID SUPPLEMENT – Supplementing with Ionic Magnesium Supports the Immune System, Muscle Relaxation, Tissue Growth, and helps Regulate Calcium Transport & Deposition into the Bone
  • ALL-NATURAL INGREDIENTS – Eidon uses High Quality Ingredients & No Artificial Preservatives or Colors to Formulate our Products. We Never Test on Animals & all our Products are Made in the USA
  • IMPORTANCE OF MAGNESIUM – It is Essential for over 300 Enzyme Reactions & is Necessary for Tissue Growth & Development, and the Maintenance of Normal Intracellular Calcium, Potassium, & Sodium Levels
  • DIETARY SUPPLEMENT – Adding 30 Magnesium Drops to 8 ounces of Water/Juice a Day will Improve Magnesium Deficiency & Help Support Circulation, Protein Synthesis, & the Nervous System
  • ABOUT US – Founded in 1996, Eidon Ionic Minerals​​​​​​​ is Dedicated to Quality & Committed to Educating the Public About the Functions, Requirements & Benefits of Minerals

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