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Grabber Tool 32 Inch Foldable, Grabber Reacher, Reacher Grabber Pickup Tool, Reachers and Grabbers for Seniors,Trash Grabber,Grabbers for Elderly Grab It Reaching Tool Heavy Duty

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  • ULTRA LIGHTWEIGHT, STURDY AND COMFORTABLE: The frame of our heavy duty reacher grabber is built from premium lightweight aluminum, and with the ergonomic trigger design, our Reacher Grabber provides a comfortable grip, reducing strain on the hand and arm. The grabber tool’s slim profile allows for easy maneuverability, and the smooth trigger action makes operating the Grabber a breeze.
  • PRECISE ROTATING JAW: The Trash Claw Pick up rotates and locks at 90 degrees for vertical or horizontal use, great for hard-to-reach places. The claw of hand pick grabber is made from soft, anti slip rubber to allow reachers and grabbers to pick up the smallest items like keys and coins with ease.
  • EFFORTLESS REACH: Our 33” long Grabber Reacher Tool ensures effortless retrieval of objects with its precise grip and extended reach. The Trash Claw Pick up allows you to grab items easily, making it an essential grabber tool for various needs. Our foldable grabber design adds convenience and portability to your daily tasks.
  • IDEAL FOR INDIVIDUALS WITH LIMITED MOBILITY: The folding grabber is the perfect grabber reacher tool for individuals with limited mobility. Designed with the seniors and disabled in mind. Our Grabber is a versatile tool suitable for various scenarios. From retrieving items on high shelves to picking up litter, it serves multiple purposes, it is a handicap grabber, a grabber stick for elderly and pick up trash stick grabber.
  • WHAT IS INCLUDED: 1 Packs of 33″ grabber reacher with rotating jaw. Unlock independence and convenience with Nourislif extended arm grabber.

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