Exploding Minions



by Exploding Kittens – A Russian Roulette Card Game, Easy Family-Friendly Party Games – for Kids, Teens & Adults – 2-5 Players – Exploding Kittens LLC Brand

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    • The Minions Have Invaded The Exploding Kittens Universe! Play The Minions-Themed Version Of The Award-Winning Card Game, Featuring New Cards, Illustrations, And Banana-Fueled Hilarity
    • Created By Game Of The Year Award Winner, Exploding Kittens – The Hit Game That Sold Over 10 Million Copies Worldwide, Breaking Records In Kids Games, Adult Games, And Everything In Between
    • New Cards And Gameplay – The Minions Bring A New Game-Changing Card With Them That Allows Players To Clone Cards!
    • Easy To Learn And Quick To Play – If You Draw An Exploding Minion, You Explode And Are Out Of The Game. If You Don’T Explode, You Win. A Simple Card Game For Kids, Teens And Adults! It’S The Game You’Ll Want For Any Gathering: Game Night, Beach Trip, Or Road Trip

The Minions have invaded the Exploding Kittens universe! Buy an all new Minions themed version of your favorite explosive card game featuring new card types and magical bananas.

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