Axe Styling Messy Look Textured Matte Hairstyle Pomade



Easy to Use Styling Hair Product 2.64 oz – Axe Brand

Price: $5.25
MOQ: 120
Available: 120
BSR: 31,000
ROI: 31%

Monthly Sales: 242+

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  • AXE Hair Messy Look Matte Wax is a Men’s styling product that gives you textured hairstyles without the shine
  • Made with real beeswax, this matte hair product gives you flexibility with an epic hold, texture, and definition that lasts all day
  • This hair wax is ideal for casual, messy styles on short to mid-length hair
  • Gives you that perfect just out-of-bed look, without the hard crunchy feel
  • To use: take a finger-tip amount, mix between your fingers, rake back through hair, and mess it up (or down)
  • Suitable to use everyday hair styling

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