TIGI Bed Head Hair Wax Stick For Cool People



For a Soft, Pliable Hold, Hair Styling Product With Beeswax & Japan Wax 2.57 oz – TIGI Brand

Price: $6.5
MOQ: 1,000
Available: 1,000
BSR: 980
ROI: 32%

Monthly Sales: 20,000+

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  • Bed Head’s Hair Wax Stick For Cool People adds a soft, pliable hold with a semi-matte finish
  • Formulated with beeswax and Japan wax, this hair styling stick creates instant texture and control, giving hair definition
  • Our hair wax also contains castor oil, which conditions and smoothes hair to provide frizz-free results
  • Great for styling short to mid-length cuts, this hair paste is easy to work in and reshape, and leaves no build-up
  • This hair product features a soothing lavender fragrance
  • Our purpose is to unleash creativity through awesome products — just like this hair wax. We champion creativity by inspiring others to express their individuality

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