ZitSticka PORE VAC, Acid-Rich Clay Mask To Vacuum Pores + Smooth Texture



Derm-Backed, 100 ml – ZitSticka Brand

Price: $17
MOQ: 2000
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BSR: 58,000
ROI: 41%

Monthly sales: 237+

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  • EXFOLIATES + SMOOTHS BUMPY SKIN. Four exfoliating BHAs smooth + refine surface skin, reducing bumpy texture.
  • UNCLOGS PORES. Salicylic acid burrows inside pores to loosen + lift impurities. With regular use, PORE VAC minimizes the *look* of enlarged pores.
  • BALANCES + MATTIFIES OILY SKIN. Mineral-rich bentonite and kaolin clays + Apple Cider Vinegar absorb excess oil. Jojoba esters quench thirsty skin to balance out the drying clay.
  • CALMS RED + IRRITATED SKIN. Derm-favorite, niacinamide, soothes red, irritated skin and calms breakouts.
  • 3-IN-1 MULTI-MASKER. 3 ways to wear! Use as a full-face, T-zone or spot mask. This product is FSA / HSA eligible.

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