Wilton Recipe Right Non-Stick Mini Loaf Pan Set



Small Loaf Pans for Baking, 3-Piece Cookware Set, 5.75 x 3 in., Steel – Wilton Brand

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  • Ready, Set, Bake: Streamline your baking with this set of 3 Wilton Mini Loaf Pans. Maximize oven space, minimize time, and enjoy perfect pound cakes, cornbread, and homemade breads.
  • Durability Unleashed: Crafted from heavy-gauge steel, these small baking pans ensure even heating for that perfectly browned finish. The wide handles offer a secure grip even with oven mitts.
  • Non-Stick Baking: Thanks to the premium non-stick coating, food effortlessly slides out of these mini pie pans, making cleanup a breeze. A must-have addition for busy cooks seeking convenience.
  • Versatile Set: These mini loaf pans for baking bread let you explore endless baking possibilities with also pound cakes, quiches, meatloaf, and lasagne. Elevate your culinary creations with ease.
  • Baking Essentials: Elevate your baking game with these bread & loaf pans. From their heavy-duty construction to non-stick perfection, they are the ideal companions for delicious results.

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