Vinturi Red Wine Aerator



Includes Base Enhanced Flavors with Smoother Finish, Black – Vinturi Brand

Price: $17.50
MOQ: 300
Available: 300
BSR: 11,000
ROI: 28%

Monthly sales: 2,074+

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  • Accelerate a wine’s aeration process with the Vinturi Red Wine aerator
  • The Vinturi Red Wine aerator features patented technology and a stylish, yet classic look
  • A must-have for entertaining, the Vinturi Red Wine Aerator is perfect for quickly aerating an entire bottle of wine, or one glass at a time
  • The award-winning Red Wine aerator from Vinturi opens and develops red wines in the time it takes to pour a glass – no more waiting as with traditional decanters
  • Listen for the sound – this sound is unique to all Vinturi aerators, and lets you know that you have an authentic Vinturi aerator

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