Sukin Facial Moisturizer Pump



Hydrating Face Cream with Wheat Germ and Vitamin E to Deeply Nourish, Soften and Improve Skin Texture, 4.23 Fl Oz – Sukin Brand

Price: $4
MOQ: 500
Available: 1,500
BSR: 39,956
ROI: 42%

Monthly Sales: 100+

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  • MOISTURIZER FACE CREAM: Perfect for all skin types, this facial moisturizer hydrates and refreshes the skin. The perfect all rounder, it improves texture and moisture, leaving skin feeling more nourished, smooth and healthy
  • INGREDIENTS FROM NATURE: Our moisturizer is enriched with a beautiful blend of Rosehip, Avocado, Sesame Seed & Jojoba Oils. Soothing Aloe Vera refreshes skin, while Wheat Germ & Vitamin E help improve texture and protect skin’s moisture barrier
  • CRUELTY FREE SKIN CARE PRODUCTS SINCE 2007: We take pride in our range of clean beauty products, which includes face cleansers, exfoliants, oils, body creams, scrubs, hand washes, hair shampoos and conditioners, cruelty-free since the day we started
  • VEGAN NATURAL FACE CARE: Sukin offers a complete product range to bring out the best in your skin. Using natural ingredients like aloe vera & rosehip oil, our products assist in balancing the skin & leaving it nourished.
  • SUKIN ORGANICS: Everything we need to nourish our bodies can be found in nature, so at Sukin, that’s what we use. Our products are vegan, paraben, sulphate & cruelty-free and made with natural ingredients that help keep your body, face & hair healthy

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