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Closet Organizers and Storage Bins, 2 Pack Underbed Storage for Shoes, Sturdy Handles for use Under the Bed, End of Bed, Bed Accessories, Storage Shoes – storageLAB Brand

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  • CLEAR THE CLUTTER: Put away your clutter with StorageLAB’s under bed storage containers. Keep your out-of-season clothes, shoes, books, or toys out of sight while freeing your home storage space.
  • LOW PROFILE: Measures 30” long, 24.5” wide, and 4.3” tall so it fits beds 5” off the floor and higher. Holds up to 12 pairs of shoes each with a total of 24 pairs of shoes. Fits neatly under the bed or closet.
  • THOUGHTFUL DESIGN: Made from woven fabric quality material with plastic backing to handle all types of storage needs. The adjustable dividers allow this organizer to be used as a clothes organizer and more.
  • STURDY CONSTRUCTION: View your stuff easily over its clear top while it keeps the dust and dirt away with its transparent cover.
  • The chunky zippers are designed to be pulled and tugged everyday.
  • EASILY MANEUVERABLE: Pull this under bed storage out effortlessly with its reinforced handles on the side. The low-friction fabric on the bottom lets it glide over the carpet and even hardwood floors with ease.

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