Sambucol Black Elderberry Throat Lozenge



With Honey, Vitamin C & Zinc, Elderberry Lozenges Sore Throat & Cough, Soothes Scratchy Throat, Supports Immunity, Soft & Chewy – 3-Pack (60 Total Pastilles) – Sambucol Brand

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  • SOOTHES SCRATCHY THROAT – Sambucol Black Elderberry Pastilles contains natural honey to help soothe scratchy throats while supporting your immune system so you can take on the day
  • BLACK ELDERBERRY WITH HONEY – Our Elderberry Throat Lozenge is made with natural honey to help calm your dry throat—perfect for traveling, in the office, or wherever you need it
  • SOFT AND CHEWY – Our soft lozenges dissolve quickly in your mouth so you can soothe your throat and get on with your life. Tastes delicious and can be used daily
  • PREMIUM BLACK ELDERBERRY – We make our pastilles with some of the best berries grown in Europe. Premium Haschberg black elderberry provides the equivalent of 1.2 g of elderberry per serving
  • THE ORIGINAL ELDERBERRY BRAND – Sambucol has decades of experience making high-quality black elderberry supplements you can trust. Take on every day with the goodness of Mother Nature’s favorite berry

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