Sambucol Black Elderberry Capsules – Advanced Immune, Vitamin C and Zinc



Elderberry Capsules, Immune Support Supplement, Black Elderberry Supplements, Gluten Free, Easy to Swallow Capsules – 30 Count – Sambucol Brand

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  • EASY TO TAKE CAPSULES – Get the benefits of black elderberry without having to taste it if you don’t want to! These easy to swallow black elderberry capsules solve that problem
  • IMMUNE SYSTEM SUPPORT – Our Advanced Immune capsules combine the power of black elderberry, vitamin c, and zinc to give immune support for every season
  • YEAR ROUND SUPPORT – Giving your natural immune system a boost is important year round, & what better boost than Black Elderberry to help support your immune system?
  • PREMIUM BLACK ELDERBERRY – We make our capsules with some of the best berries grown in Europe. Premium Haschberg black elderberries provides the equivalent of 1.7g of premium elderberry per capsule
  • THE ORIGINAL ELDERBERRY BRAND – Sambucol has decades of experience making high-quality black elderberry supplements you can trust. Take on every day with the goodness of Mother Nature’s favorite berry

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