Razer Iskur V2 Gaming Chair: Adaptive Lumbar Support



Adjustable Lumbar Curve – High Density Foam Cushions – Reactive Seat Tilt &152-degree Recline – 4D Armrests – Synthetic Leather – Black/Green – Razer Brand

Price: $360
MOQ: 100
Available: 100
BSR: 240,000
ROI: 44%

Monthly Sales: 58+

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  • ADAPTIVE LUMBAR SUPPORT SYSTEM — Designed to shift according to the weight and angle of individual bodies, the lumbar support’s spring-loaded design provides maximum back support when changing from one sitting position to another
  • FULLY ADJUSTABLE LUMBAR CURVE — With a height knob for up/down adjustments (60 mm) and protrusion knob for front/back adjustments (40 mm), adjust the shape of the chair’s lumbar curve to ensure your spine is supported perfectly
  • HIGH DENSITY FOAM CUSHIONS — The chair’s seat base and backrest are padded with dense cushions that hold their form while molding to unique body shapes, providing secure support that feels incredibly plush
  • REACTIVE SEAT TILT AND UP TO 152-DEGREE RECLINE — Lean back and enjoy seamless support with a backrest that instantly adapts to body weight or set the ideal angle with an adjustable recline of up to 152 degrees
  • EPU-GRADE SYNTHETIC LEATHER — The chair is wrapped in a superior material that not only feels softer than regular synthetic leather but is also more durable and resistant to peeling and cracking
  • 4D ARMRESTS — With the ability to adjust their height, position, and angle, the armrests on the Iskur V2 can be easily tailored to preferred sitting positions
  • MEMORY FOAM HEAD CUSHION — The chair comes with a plush head cushion that’s contoured to support your head and neck perfectly, providing long-lasting comfort for non-stop gaming marathons

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