Premium 20 Pound Coconut Shell Charcoal Logs



All Natural High End Grilling – Blazing Coco Brand

Price: $7.50
MOQ: 700
Available: 700
BSR: 49,000
ROI: 140%

Monthly Sales: 26+

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  • BURNS UP TO 3X LONGER- Unlike your average grocery store charcoal briquettes, coconut charcoal burns hotter and up to 3 times longer so you can cook more with less. Perfect for smokers, kamados, dutch ovens and large BBQ’s
  • 100% ORGANIC AND ECO FRIENDLY – Made from all natural coconut shells that reduce waste. Our product is sustainable and environmentally friendly with no trees felled to make our charcoal. Whether you are a professional chef or BBQ enthusiast you’ll love using our coconut charcoal logs.
  • LESS SMOKE AND ASH – Coconut lump charcoal contains no chemicals or fillers which helps reduce the amount of smoke and ash compared with regular charcoal. This also makes cleaning up a breeze, you can even pop the ash in the garden which doubles as a fertilizer.
  • BETTER TASTE EVERY TIME – Blazing Coco Coconut Charcoal logs produce a little to no smoke and odor leaving your food with it’s all natural flavor. Getting that real BBQ flavour has never been easier.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – If for any reason you aren’t satisfied, you can get in touch with our friendly customer service team. PLEASE NOTE, due to the density and lack of additives, the charcoal will take a little longer to light. We recommend using a natural fire starter together with a chimney to maximize results.

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