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Mini Foldable Washer with Removable Drain Basket, Ultrasound Small Spin Dryer, Travel Mini Washer for Socks Underwear Towels – Feenmai Brand

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BSR: 21,000
ROI: 50%

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  • Foldable Design – Portable washing machine press down folding, lightweight, easy to move, easy to store in a small space. It is recommended to wash: socks, underwear, diapers, swimsuits, single T-shirts and other small pieces of clothing. It’s not suggest to wash below kinds of clothes: jeans, long skirts, bathrobes and other large clothing
  • Safe Material – The mini foldable washer made of safe TPE+PP material, it is more resistant to aging, yellowing, and high temperature, is a great choice for your personal items, patients’ families! Don’t doubt its reliability just because of its cheap price. Our portable washer machine of food-grade silicone material is a wonderful choice for your personal items, pets items, fruits and vegetables
  • Wide Application – You can use this portable washer machine in apartment dorm, camping, trips and RVs. This washing machine is used for some small and delicate items. which is very suitable for washing childrens clothing, underwear, socks, towels, etc
  • Easy to Use – One button to control the washing machine, easy to use, just touch the button for two seconds to start the washing machine.It can also be used to clean fruit.If any parts are missing, please contact us in time
  • Environmental Protection – The washer machines will send out vibration waves to remove more effectively. Energy-saving and environmental protection, saving water and electricity.Our small washing machine will be an amazing gift for people who love cleanliness, love food-healthy, travel frequently, live in school and family with childrens, pets, patients

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