POPPI Sparkling Prebiotic Soda



Beverages w/Apple Cider Vinegar, Seltzer Water & Fruit Juice, Short List Variety Pack, 12oz (12 Pack) (Packaging May Vary) – Poppi Brand

Price: $12
MOQ: 1440
Available: 1440
BSR: 16
ROI: 36%

Monthly Sales: 59,437+

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  • Mouthwatering flavor and all the soda feels.
  • Contains unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar and prebiotics from agave inulin.
  • 5g of sugar or less and 25 calories or less per can.
  • Perfect for everyday, on-the-go refreshment or as a drink mixer.
  • Great alternative to diet soda soft drinks, kombucha, juice, seltzer & flavored water, energy drink, coconut water, tonic water, sports drinks, etc.

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