ONTEL Star Belly Dream Lites (Snuggly Blue Shark)



Stuffed Animal Night Light, Snuggly Blue Shark – Projects Glowing Stars & Shapes in 6 Gentle Colors, As Seen on TV – Star Belly Brand

Price: $8
MOQ: 1000
Available: 3000
BSR: 1,000
ROI: 40%

Monthly Sales: 4,083+

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  • Magical Moving Patterns: The Star Belly Dream Lites stuffed shark is a soft and cuddly night light for kids that creates glowing stars and fun shapes that drift over walls and the ceiling; helping to create a calm and soothing environment for sleep.
  • A Rainbow Of Colors: Your child will love cuddling with their plush toy day and night; Simply press on the belly to change the light to six different colors; Starbelly Dream Lite stuffed animals come as a unicorn, puppy, kitty, dinosaur and more!
  • Comforting Kids Night Light: Specially designed to light up your child’s room with gentle colors, stars & shapes; The cute, softly glowing belly will help help calm and soothe your child to make bedtime more pleasant and help them fall asleep faster.
  • Perfect Travel Friend: Our stuffed animals for boys and girls are light and portable, so are great for travel & sleepovers; Their familiar night light stars will shine wherever they are! Battery operated kids nightlight with automatic turnoff.
  • Create a Dreamy Atmosphere: Star Belly Dream Lites are the perfect stuffed animals to help create a calming atmosphere for your child; These adorable soft toys will be their favorite bedtime friend to snuggle while they drift off to dreamland.

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