Obvi Burn Elite



Supports Metabolism Boost, Energy, and Focus | Supplement with Collagen and Green Tea | Supports Healthy Hair, Skin, Nails, and Joints | 60 Capsules, 30 Servings – Obvi Brand

Price: $33
MOQ: 1000
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BSR: 9,000
ROI: 49%

Monthly Sales: 699+

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  • Suppress Appetite: Curb unhealthy cravings, making it easier to maintain a balanced diet and control your caloric intake.
  • Hair Growth: Helps to promote new hair growth, reduce breakage, and enhance shine, resulting in healthier more vibrant-looking hair
  • Innovative Approach: This innovative approach provides an efficient way to support your weight management goals, making Greenselect Phytosome a smart choice for those seeking to achieve a healthier lifestyle.
  • Suggested Use: Take 2 capsules daily. Preferably one (1) capsule in the morning (Breakfast) and one (1) capsule in the afternoon (lunch) with food or after eating.

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