Non Slip Mattress Gripper and Area Rug Felt Pad



Keeps Mattress and Rug in Place – Full Size (4 x 6 ft) – i frmmy Brand

Price: $17
MOQ: 200
Available: 200
BSR: 51k
ROI: 50%

Monthly Sales: +380

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✔ IFRMMY Newest non slip pad is the perfect solution to stop rugs from sliding, super strength gripper helps locks area rug in place, help stop carpet from sliding.
✔ Unique double-sided anti-slip silicone gel grips, provide absolutely anti-skid for maximum grip and traction.
✔ Non-adhesive rug pads are constructed of premium felt and silicone materials for long-lasting quality, protects floor from rough rug backing, will not mark or stain floor finishes.
✔ Rug gripper can be easily trimmed to fit rug carpet sizes.
✔ Easy to install, non slip grip pad works for all surfaces- wood, hardwood, bamboo, ceramic, tile, stone, and vinyl floors. Suitable for rug, mattress, futon, sofa cushions or chair cushions, carpets. Cannot be used on wet floors!

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