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for face, Hydrating Korean Skin Care,Glassskin 1.69 fl.oz/50ml – mixsoon Brand

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Monthly Sales: 25,000+

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Gently exfoliating while providing deep moisturization, this product effectively removes dead skin cells and regulates sebum production. It also deeply hydrates dry skin. Made from natural ingredients, it is safe for use on sensitive skin. Since individual skin reactions may vary, we recommend conducting a patch test on your wrist before using.
Non-sticky and quickly absorbed, this product boasts excellent skin moisturization properties. The small particles swiftly penetrate the skin, providing a fresh and non-sticky finish on the surface, ensuring optimal hydration for your skin.
The key ingredient in this product is fermented beans, which offer superior moisturizing, absorption, and adherence abilities compared to regular beans. They effectively replenish moisture deep into the skin, promoting firmness and resilience, resulting in healthier and more supple skin.
How to Use (Massage): 1.Apply the essence to the skin and massage your skin in circular motions. 2.When you feel residue appearing after massaging your skin, apply the essence one more time and massage your skin with slightly more force. 3.Wash the residue with water or wipe with a pad. *Recommend 2-3 times a week. For daily use, apply an appropriate amount to the skin in the morning and evening.
It’s a no snail mucin bean essence BUT, looks and feels like snail mucin but without the breakouts and the gunk
Mixsoon Brand: Mixsoon insists on minimalism and clean beauty. We eliminate unnecessary ingredients that might cause skin damage and only add the essential ones. 100% cruelty-free.

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