Makedo Discover | 126 Piece Cardboard Construction Toolbox for 1-5 Makers



STEM and STEAM Educational Toys for Kids | at Home Play + Classroom Learning | Reusable Tools for Boys and Girls Age 5+ – Makedo Brand

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  • BRING IMAGINATION TO LIFE: Accomodating one to five makers, this is the ultimate toolbox for your squad! Be it family or friends, young or old, solo, duo or more, the possibilities with this kit are endless!
  • VERSATILE AND STRONG: Cardboard is a readily available, free and unlimited building block that can be folded, sawed and hole-punched while maintaining its durability. Better still, it can be reused and recycled.
  • EXPAND YOUR TOOLKIT: Ideal for smaller groups and creative environments such as play time or or building projects at home. Makedo facilitates educational fun while keeping our planet green and reducing carbon footprints.
  • OPEN-ENDED PLAY: With the pride of independent making, Makedo creations then open the door to imaginative play where the child is the protagonist in a hack-able world of their own making.
  • STEM AND STEAM LEARNING: The awesomeness of Makedo is that children learn by doing, creating, and experimenting! With Makedo’s reusable cardboard construction, kids aged 4+ can build anything they imagine.

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