Make it Up – Mermaid Collection Kit for Young Girls (incl. Zipped Bag)



Mermaid Makeup for Girls with Eyeshadow, Glitter, Lipgloss & Much More – Easily Washable, Non-Toxic – Safety Tested – Blue – Make it Up Brand

Price: $6.75
MOQ: 250
Available: 500
BSR: 110,000
ROI: 43%

Monthly sales: 95+

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  • All-inclusive set: This cute makeup set for girls includes 4 different eye shadow colors, 2 exciting lipsticks, 1 magic lip gloss, 1 small glitter pot, 2 brushes with different heads, 2 bright blush colors and 2 nail polishes with different colors. Comes in a blue-colored makeup bag with zipper.
  • High-quality makeup for girls: The wonderful make-up set with mermaid stuff offers a variety of bright pigments for a beautiful, natural look and real cosmetic applicators – so you have everything you need to transform your little ones into real mermaids.
  • Non-toxic & washable: These mermaid accessories for girls are tested and approved. However, because everyone’s body chemistry is different, certain ingredients in the makeup may cause mild irritation. If irritation occurs, rinse the product with water and discontinue use. Contact us immediately for a full refund.
  • Mermaid design: All makeup accessories are in authentic mermaid colors such as blue, purple and pink, so your little one can really feel like a pretty mermaid princess. Both the blush and the eye shadow have a practical, integrated mirror.
  • The ideal gift: If you are looking for kids toys or especially girls’ toys, then this mermaid makeup kit for girls is the perfect gift for a birthday or get-together – thanks to the full range of different makeup shades and applicators, all combined in a pretty, mermaid-like bag.

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