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Terrific Turmeric, 15 ct – Lipton Brand

Price: $4.1
MOQ: 300
Available: 700
BSR: 45,077
ROI: 42%

Monthly Sales: 155+

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  • Send in the soothing with Lipton Terrific Turmeric herbal tea featuring turmeric, ginger & orange
  • For centuries, the Ayurvedic tradition has praised Turmeric for its role in aiding digestion and supporting joint movement
  • Our Turmeric comes from a curcumin-rich root that is finely ground into a golden orange powder and enjoyed for its earthy taste and restorative benefits
  • Take a Turmeric time out. Reset and restore while you enjoy a daily cup or two of tea
  • For the perfect cup brew 4-6 minutes in freshly boiled water. For a refreshingly cool take, add ice to make it an iced tea. Enjoy!

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