Lint Rollers for Pet Hair



Extra Sticky, 800 Sheets (8 Rollers) Mega Value Set Roller with 2 Upgraded Handles, Removal Tool Clothes, Furniture, Carpet, Dog & Cat Remover

Price: $4.80
MOQ: 1800
BSR: 441
ROI: 51%

Monthly Sales 13,000+

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  • Our rollers pick up lint, pet hair, debris, and fuzz; no more worrying about cat and dog hair on clothes, car seats, and furniture
  • Economy value pack of 2 rollers and extra 6 refills-800 total sheets in one package
  • Design with diagonal peel, easy to start a new sheet. Easy to change tape roller
  • Make it with better material, our pet hair remover roller will not break or fall apart when using it many times
  • Our handle was designed for effortless 360° rotation back and forth. There’s no need to be concerned with ease of use or about rolling in a specific direction

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