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Abuytwo Water Wings Toddler Adjustable Shoulder Straps Children Arm Floaties for 22-30-40-50lbs Boys/Girls Swimming Jacket for Pool Learn to Swim Sea Beach Lake Training – Abuytwo Brand

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  • 【Fancy & Adorable Cape on the Back】Abuytwo baby swimming wings have a soft&removable cape on the back, adding fun for kids when playing on the beach, collecting shells, or kicking in water. The cool cape combining with the colorful vest and arm floats protects kids’ body from getting sunburned, makes it easy for parents to keep an eye on kids, easy to find kids at crowded public spaces. Kids will be more confident to jump into the pool and wade into the ocean (with adults’ supervision).
  • 【Easy Wearing with Adjustable Shoulder Straps】 The shoulder straps of our toddler arm floaties are adjustable with velcro, so you could pull over and buckle up the pool jacket within seconds and adjust the shoulder straps to the most snug length to avoid riding up under chin or rubbing chin. It’s immediately ready for use since there is no inflation need, you don’t have to blow air into it when your kids are eager to swim. The adjustable kids vest offer buoyancy for kids weight from 22-50lbs.
  • 【Elastic Band Between Sleeve and Vest for Maximum Comfort】Will your kids feel tight in armpit when wearing the conventional toddler arm floaties to swim? Abuytwo baby swim jacket brings kids the most comfortable wearing because there is a elastic band between sleeve and vest. It gives kids most freedom to move arms when doing the breast stroke, back stroke, butterfly stroke, and free stroke, etc. Made of polyester& EPE foam filler, your kid’s delicate skin won’t be rubbed or constricted anymore.
  • 【Double Security Buckle】Toddler swim vest with arm wings is secured with double safety buckle at the back. To release, you have to press the buckle and button at the same time. so that kids can’t unbuckle it accidentally; shoulder straps also keep the swim arm band from sliding. Adjustable chest size helps your baby swim more freely and comfortably. No flipping upside-down or losing stability anymore when learning to move hands and kick feet to navigate the water.
  • 【Good for Swimming】Suitable for kids of 2/3/4/5/6/7 years old , swimming arm floaties help tremendously with safety in waters, keeping body upright and stable when learning to swim, so children could paddle arms and hands to move around with ease. Swim vest for toddlers can be used in swimming pools, sea beaches, boating or lake. It’s easy to buckle to be compact for storage when it is dry and not in use, so it’s convenient to take this kids buoyancy aid swim vest to travel or anywhere.

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