HI-CHEW Superfruit Mix



3.17 Ounce, 6 Pieces, Gluten-Free, Made with Natural and Artificial Fruit Flavors – HI-CHEW Brand

Price: $4.75
MOQ: 243
Available: 243
BSR: 3,000
ROI: 27%

Monthly Sales: 2,589+

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  • Super chewy and super delicious, our Superfruit Mix will make your mouth water with the big, bold tastes of Kiwi, Acai, and Dragonfruit – the winner of our 2018 East Meets West Flavor Challenge.
  • DELICIOUS – What’s so great about HI-CHEW? Is it all of the fresh fruit flavors? The smooth chewy texture? The international community of HI-CHEW fans? Come see, and taste, for yourself.
  • UNIQUE – From the minute you unwrap a HI-CHEW to the very last bite, the aromas of true-to-life fruit flavors are yours to enjoy. With our unique double layer, mouthwatering flavor is released as you chew for a long-lasting Immensely Fruity Intensely Chewy experience.
  • SNACKABLE – HI-CHEW is individually wrapped and made for sharing to instantly create everyday happiness for you and the people around you. With HI-CHEW, every chew brings flavor to life!
  • INGREDIENTS – HI-CHEW is available in a variety of true-to-life fruit flavors. HI-CHEW is gluten-free, made with natural and artificial fruit flavors, and no colors from synthetic sources. HI-CHEW is manufactured in North Carolina, Taiwan, and China.

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