GVM RGB LED Video Lighting Kit



800D Studio Video Lights with Panel, APP Control for YouTube Photography Lighting, , 3200K-5600K, 8 Kinds of The Scene Lights, 3 Packs – GVM Great Video Maker Brand

Price: $150
MOQ: 200
Available: 200
BSR: 95
ROI: 103%

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  • OUTPUT FUNCTIONS: The first mode is where the color temperature is between 3200K and 5600K. The second mode that allows you to adjust the hue output and color saturation of red, green, and blue from 0% to 100%. which means you can quickly match the current environment with a knob
  • FEATURES: The kit comes with an LCD digital display, multiple control modes, stability system, and 360-degree rotating U-bracket to improve your lighting settings. The step-less adjustment is used to control the brightness/color temperature which brings great convenience to your shooting
  • CONSTRUCTON: This video light adopts the American chip and has a lifespan of more than 100,000 hours. It is designed with an aerospace aluminum alloy shell to effectively help the LED light to better dissipate heat
  • CONTROL FUNCTION: The video light is equipped with the mobile app control function, download the GVM app from app stores (Apple Store/ Google Play) and control the exact color and temperature you need for video recording
  • VERSATILE: Enrich your shooting environment, including TV, candle, police car, lightning, Paparazzi, disco, party, bad light bulb with the GVM 800D-RGB LED Studio 3-Video Light Kit

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