Grown Alchemist Instant Smoothing Serum



(25ml / 0.84oz) – Grown Alchemist Brand

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  • INSTANT SMOOTHING SERUM: Formulated using a complex-combination of plant-derived high, medium and low weight Hyaluronan molecules, this innovative anti-aging serum delivers an instant lifting effect through intense hydration, rapidly smoothing the skin’s surface.
  • DIRECTIONS FOR USE. Massage a small amount gently into facial skin, neck and décolletage. Apply morning and evening after cleansing and toning. Follow with an application of your most appropriate moisturizer.
  • OPTIMAL SKIN HEALTH. Experience clean beauty with Grown Alchemist’s line of organic, botanical skincare that is non-toxic, vegan and cruelty-free. Natural ingredients repair wrinkles and smooth fine lines for radiant, younger-looking skin.
  • HEALTH IS BEAUTY. Health is to beauty, as beauty is to health. Optimal skin health is not only achieved with topical skincare, but also by treating the skin from the inside out. GA blends these philosophies to bring out your truest beauty.
  • GA PHILOSOPHY. What started as the brainchild of two brothers who combined their unique passions, Grown Alchemist was created to offer advanced natural products supported by scientific research and clinical results.

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