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Unscented, 14 lbs total, (2 Pack of 7lb Bags) (Package May Vary) – Fresh Step Brand

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  • LIGHTWEIGHT CAT LITTER: Two-pack of 7 lb bags of Fresh Step Crystals Health Monitoring Cat Litter, which changes colors to help monitor your cat’s urine pH to better understand your cat’s health
  • DETECT POTENTIAL ILLNESS EARLY: This pH-activated cat litter crystals changes color instantly to detect irregularities in your cat’s urine, which could indicate health issues like UTIs and acidosis
  • ORANGE COLOR (LOW pH): Acidic urine could be a sign of certain types of bladder stones or acidosis
  • DARK GREEN OR BLUE: Alkaline urine could be a sign of health issues like UTI’s, bladder stones or Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease
  • RED OR PINK: If red or pink, this could be due to the visible presence of blood and severe illness; immediately contact your vet for directions
  • IF ATYPICAL: If the color of the kitty litter is outside the standard range, this could be due to diet or other factors not related to a health condition; if it persists, consider contacting your vet
  • MANAGE YOUR CAT’S HEALTH ONLINE: Scan the QR code or visit to get help interpreting your cat’s litter usage, access helpful highlights about pH urine from a veterinarian, and more
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND EASY TO USE: Crystals litter is lightweight and easy to use; one bag equals 25 pounds of traditional clumping cat litter and is easy to pour
  • POWERFUL 30-DAY ODOR CONTROL: Unscented cat litter with Ammonia Block Technology helps control odors for up to 30 days, keeping the cat litter box clean and smelling fresh between changes
  • A VETERINARIAN RECOMMENDED BRAND: This innovative health monitoring litter was created with your cat’s health and happiness in mind by Fresh Step, a veterinarian recommended cat litter brand

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