Force Factor Blood Pressure Support with Nitrates, Grapeseed



Boosts Nitric Oxide, Cardiovascular Health, 120 Count – Force Factor Brand

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  • Total Beets Tablets contain MegaNatural-BP, a premium grapeseed extract made from California-grown grapes
  • BOOST NITRIC OXIDE: Powerful NO3-T nitrates made from beet root powder work to boost nitric oxide, improving blood flow for enhanced circulation. Like any good super beets superfood, this helps improve blood flow & nutrient delivery to your muscles.
  • HEART-HEALTHY ENERGY: Beetroot powder provides a natural kick of heart-healthy energy without stimulants. Total Beets Tablets contain beetroot powder plus healthy B vitamins to help you feel refreshed throughout the day, without cardiovascular strain.
  • POWERFUL CIRCULATORY SUPPORT: Beets are a powerful circulation superfood, full of nutrients and rich in nitrates. Concentrated beetroot powder and NO3-T nitrates in Total Beets tablets work to improve blood flow, enhance endurance and stamina, and more.
  • TRUSTED FOR MORE THAN A DECADE: Force Factor vitamins and supplements are expertly formulated with premium, globally sourced ingredients that are carefully tested for quality and potency. They are produced in GMP-certified, FDA-audited facilities.

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