FOODOLOGY Coleology Cut (Pack of 1-60 Tablets, 30 Days)



Green Tea Extract. Vitamins & Minerals. – FOODOLOGY Brand

Price: $20
MOQ: 1000
Available: 2000
BSR: 17,000
ROI: 75%

Monthly Sales: 2000+

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  • FOODOLOGY COLEOLOGY CUT (60 tablets, 30 servings for 30 days) can help you maintain a healthy physique by utilizing green tea extract (catechins) and vitamins/minerals that meet 100% of the daily nutritional requirements.
  • HEALTHY BODY – Featuring green tea extract (catechins, 300 mg/serving) as the main ingredient, it helps you maintain your health.
  • BEAT STRESS – With 20 vegetable powder blends, this supplement is designed to help improve response and boost vitality while reducing fatigue caused by stress.
  • 100% OF THE NUTRIENTS YOU NEED – Packed with essential vitamins and minerals like selenium, pantothenic acid, vitamin B6, B1, and B2, this health supplement fills any nutrient gaps.
  • ABOUT FOODOLOGY – FOODOLOGY is a highly esteemed brand that prioritizes the satisfaction of our customers, and produces top-quality health functional foods with the highest quality ingredients, accurate formulation, and production processes. We collaborate with health experts to ensure the production of honest and trustworthy health-functional foods.

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