Excedrin Head Care Replenish Plus Focus From Excedrin Drink Mix with Electrolytes



L-Theanine, Ginger and Caffeine for Head Health Support – 24 Packets – Excedrin Brand

Price: $3.25
MOQ: 1200
Available: 1200
BSR: 38,000
ROI: 50%

Monthly Sales: 379+

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  • One box of 24 packets of Head Care Replenish Plus Focus Drink Mix for Head Health Support
  • Drug-free head care product helps you after a migraine
  • Drink mix designed to soothe the stomach, support hydration and support focus
  • Drink mix for focus that also helps with daily stressors
  • Drink mix is specially designed for migraine sufferers for after a migraine (1)

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