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[4 Pk] Grey Fabric Dresser Drawer Organizers (4 Sizes With 45 Slots) Foldable Underwear Drawer Organizer Breathable Bins for Bra, Lingerie, Socks, Scarves, Belt, Tie, Baby Clothes – Ruboxa Brand

Price: $11.50
MOQ: 1,000
Available: 50,628
BSR: 15,000
ROI: 72%

Monthly sales: 1,784+

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  • Polypropylene Fabric
  • CLOSET ORGANIZATION – 4 sectional underwear drawer organizers keep your drawers orderly, make doing laundry simpler, and allow you to grab what you need without sorting through jumbled messes.
  • MULTIPLE SIZES – The set includes 4 drawer organizers for clothing. One with 6 cells ideal for scarves and belts, a 7-cell to store bras, t-shirts and underwear, a 8-cell great for panties and knee socks, and a 24-cell for lower-cut socks and tie storage.
  • EASY SET UP – The underwear and sock organizers just have to be popped open—no tools required—to be ready for use. When not in use, they fold flat for compact storage.
  • QUALITY CONSTRUCTION – Crafted of durable, breathable canvas with high-quality zippers and reinforced edging, invest in panty, bra, tie, and sock storage bins that are designed to last a long time.
  • PLEASANT AESTHETIC – Fill your drawers with matching bins with a neat, homey appearance. The bra organizers stay upright without sagging or collapsing, granting your space a prim look.
  • MEASUREMENTS: – The 2 bigger pieces are 12″ x 12″ inches. The 2 smaller pieces are 6″ x 12″ inches. The height is 4.5″ Inches.

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