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Pro Grade Chef Kitchen Food Culinary Propane Torch Flamethrower, Outdoor Searing Blow Torch Handheld Broiler for Sous Vide Grilling, Desserts(Torch Not Included) – OGERY Brand

Price: $15
MOQ: 500
Available: 1649
BSR: 229,000
ROI: 294%

Monthly Sales: 8+

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  • 【Better Browning】This is an attachment for food culinary torch that was designed to help achieve a more even and controlled browning of food. With a finer and more controlled flame than traditional cooking torches. It can be used to achieve a perfect crust on meats, caramelize sugar on desserts, and brown cheese and vegetables.(Tip: Torch is not included but is necessary for use)
  • 【Professional Cooking】Our torch attachment tool makes it easier to prevent food from being overcooked. Perfectly cook food with uneven thickness. With the sous vide cooking, you will have a perfect outer skin, and a perfect pink interior. A perfect tool for professional chefs and meat lovers.
  • 【Safer Cooking Experience】The cooking torch attachment is designed with a double-layered, heat-resistant, stainless-steel screen that prevents direct contact between the flame and the food. This provides a safer cooking experience and reduces the risk of food burning or catching fire. Say goodbye to unpleasant odors that ordinary torches can cause.
  • 【Widely for Outdoor or Indoor Uses】If you enjoy camping, hiking and other outdoor activities, you’ll instantly love the cooking torch connector. You can use it at the campsite to make all your favorite foods that you would normally have to prepare at home. Perfect for sous vide searing & melting, for use in restaurants, BBQs, home kitchen, party & outdoor camping. Also the best choice for christmas, Mother’s Day, weddings and birthday parties.
  • 【Convenient to Clean and Carry】The propane torch tool is easy to attach and detach from a culinary torch, making it a convenient addition to any kitchen. It is easy to clean and maintain, also can be washed in the dishwasher. The tool can be easily installed in any cabinet or hung on a lightweight hook on the kitchen wall. This attachment needs to be used with a propane torch head and a 16.4 oz propane tank. Compatible with Bernzomatic TS8000, Bernzomatic TS4000 and other propane torch heads.

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