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Self-Adhesive Shelf Liner, Multi-Purpose Vinyl Roll, Easy to Use and Apply, 18” x 16′, Marble White – Con-Tact Brand

Price: $16
MOQ: 200
Available: 400
BSR: 32,000
ROI: 38%

Monthly Sales: 913+

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  • Protect Your Shelves, Furniture, or Any Surface: Elevate the appearance of your shelves, cabinets, walls, and furniture while simultaneously protecting them from daily wear and tear with Con-Tact Brand’s creative shelf-liner.
  • Suitable for All Creative Projects: With our versatile and fashion-forward vinyl roll, you can create wedding invitations or place cards, add a pop of color to rooms or walls, and even decorate your journal, presentations, or various DIY projects.
  • Premium Vinyl Cover: Con-Tact Brand has been designing and manufacturing adhesive shelf liners and contact paper for over 40 years! Made with premium and highest-quality vinyl, our shelf liners are incredibly durable, reliable, and long-lasting.
  • Easy to Clean: Designed for easy cleaning, you can wipe away any marks, spills, or dirt from our liner with a damp sponge or cloth. Also, when it’s time for a new look, our self-adhesive liner removes cleanly, leaving no messy residue or odor behind.
  • Quick Application: Easy to cut and apply, our made-in-USA cabinet liner features an easy peel-and-stick application method. Simply peel off the paper backing and apply the adhesive-backed vinyl liner onto any clean flat surface.

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