ClearSpace Plastic Pantry Organization and Storage Bins with Removable Dividers



Perfect Kitchen Organization or Kitchen Storage – Refrigerator Organizer Bins, Cabinet Organizers (4 Pack) – ClearSpace

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  • STORE & ORGANIZE – This divided bin with removable dividers is great for creating a clean and organized refrigerator or pantry. Great for separating and organizing most items in the kitchen, refrigerator and pantry. Small foods and snacks fit perfectly in these kitchen organizers. Use for individually packaged snack items for the kids. Organize all of your kitchen essentials.
  • IDEAL STORAGE CHOICE – These large capacity bins are great for creating a clean and organized refrigerator or pantry. The have a handle one one side for easy access and removable dividers for plety of options Ideal for kitchen storage, pantry storage, fridge storage and your pantry cabinet or storage cabinet. You can use these storage organizers anywhere in your home.
  • 4 DIVIDED SECTIONS – The compact design of this storage container easily fits into small or crowded kitchen cabinet, cupboard and pantry shelves. The built-in dividers create 4 sections making it easy to separate and organize your items. Refrigerator and freezer safe you can use this in so many places throughout the kitchen and home. Ideal for any place in your home that you want organized.
  • MAKE STORAGE SIMPLE – Invest in quality construction with our ClearSpace storage bins. They’re built to last and keep your home clutter-free for years to come. Create a tidy and organized home with our pantry organization and storage storage bins. Perfect for pantry organization, laundry room storage, and kitchen organization.
  • QUALITY CONSTRUCTION – Made of durable and clear BPA and Chlorine free shatter-resistant plastic. They are food safe and can be cleaned easily with mild soap and water. Removable dividers offer flexibility in organizing items of different sizes and shapes. Each measure 10.5” x 6” x 3.5”

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