blk. PH 8+ Natural Mineral Alkaline



Water Drops Electrolyte Infused with Fulvic and Amino Acids, Zero Sugar, 2oz – blk. Brand

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  • FULVIC-ENHANCED DROPS: blk. fulvic-enhanced, all-natural mineral water drops. What’s fulvic acid? An organic compound containing the building blocks of life: trace minerals, polyphenols, electrolytes, antioxidants, amino acids and peptides.
  • REHYDRATE EFFECTIVELY: The water electrolyte drops are packed with everything your body needs to rehydrate and mend effectively. Crush your next workout, get back out on the trail or simply be a better you with these alkaline water drops.
  • IDEAL FOR ON THE GO: Add a few flavorless drops to your protein shake, drink of choice, or even as a mix-in to your favorite salad with these black water drops. These mineral drops can add a fulvic charge to just about anything.
  • 100% QUALITY INGREDIENTS: The distilling process of our water drops is achieved by only using the top 1% of nutrient-rich fulvic acid, humic acid, and trace minerals extracted from deep in the earth – giving it that rich, charcoal color.
  • FUNCTIONAL WATER: blk. is a premium alkalized non flavored antioxidant water that is formulated to help support in restoring your energy, skin elasticity, and balance to your system. Take blk. with your daily supplements to improve their efficacy.

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