Banana Boat Sport Ultra SPF 60 Roll On Sunscreen, 2.5oz



Sunscreen Roller, Travel Size Sunscreen, Oxybenzone Free Sunscreen, SPF 60 Sunscreen Roll On, Water Resistant Sunscreen, 2.5oz – Banana Boat Brand

Price: $3.25
MOQ: 400
Available: 400
BSR: 2,000
ROI: 36%

Monthly Sales: 1,201+

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  • SUPERIOR ENDURANCE VS. SWEAT & WATER — From family fun to hardcore competition, Banana Boat Sport Sunscreen provides strong sun protection that stays on so you can play on
  • TRAVEL SIZE SUNSCREEN ROLLER for convenient, stress-free application—and a brilliant leak-proof design
  • MILD, GENTLE SPORT SUNSCREEN FORMULA — Perfect for everyday protection
  • TSA friendly and ready to travel
  • Perfect for on-the-go occasions, whether you’re heading to the gym, camp or golf course
  • FREE FROM oxybenzone and octinoxate

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