Auto Trim Removal Tool Kit



(No Scratch Plastic Pry Kit) , Door Panel Removal Tool, Car Clips, Push Rivets, Molding, Dashboards, Interior Trim Tools, Blue – Tresalto Brand

Price: $3
MOQ: 2000
Available: 2000
BSR: 95
ROI: 72%

Monthly Sales: 8,538+

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  • SLEEK & DURABLE TRIM TOOL SET – Our premium grade auto trim removal tool set fits in any crevices and works excellent in removing exterior & interior trim, molding, wheel hubs, door panel removal tool, plastic pry tool, fasteners, dashboards, and more without scratching or damaging your car.
    UNIVERSAL AUTO TRIM REMOVAL TOOL KIT – It includes 5 job-specific auto trim removal tools to make internal and external automotive removals easy. It is designed with care to be universally applicable to vehicles, boats, RVs, and more so you can make repairs and maintenance with ease while also protecting the aesthetic of your car with its sleek design.
    UNIQUE ERGONOMIC DESIGN – This is made of sturdy and pliable nylon material with a unique ergonomic design that enables the tools to be easily handled to effectively save effort and time while working on laborious repair or maintenance tasks.
    EASY & CONVENIENT – Perfect for professionals and beginners doing any care modifications. It’s also compact in size which makes it easy and convenient to carry or stash in your car so you can use it anytime, anywhere.

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