ALLMAX TRIBX90 – 90 Capsules



Pack of 2 – Natural Testosterone Booster – Delivers Bulgarian Species Tribulus Terrestris – 90% Furostanolic Saponins – 180 Total Servings – ALLMAX Nutrition Brand

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  • NATURAL TESTOSTERONE BOOSTER – ALLMAX TRIBX90 provides high-quality Bulgarian Species Tribulus Terrestris. Each capsule contains a minimum of 90% Saponins.
  • ADDED BENEFITS – Research has suggested Tribulus may stimulate the production of the luteinizing hormone, which, in turn, promotes the production of testosterone—responsible for helping to add lean body mass, increase metabolism & support libido.
  • SUGGESTED USE – Take one to two capsules daily.
  • PROFESSIONAL FORMULAS – Trusted by athletes & fitness enthusiasts, our formulas are designed to optimize your workouts & help you achieve your fitness goals. All ingredients are pure, high-quality, and meet the pharmaceutical grade.

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